Our Team

First Class. Big Heart.

Come and enjoy a visit to the Parfümerie am Tegernsee by Hildegard:
We make sure that you enjoy your time with us!

Hildegard Bayerschmidt

Owner and Managing Director

For her a dream came true: a house of colours and scents, a place where she can dedicate herself to the good things in life – and, of course, the people who are also fascinated by harmony and beauty as she is. And that in the broadest sense: She simply loves the exchange between people, conversations about everything under the sun. She takes her time for the dialogue, outgoing and relaxed, with a sincere interest on every person. No matter whether it is about the new fashion in Paris or about her beloved Tegernseer Tal, form which she originates, everybody will find an open ear – and of course, competent advice and personal recommendations from skin care to individual fragrances.

Sonja Raab-Rabenstein

Beauty-Expert and Deputy Managing Director

Sonja came to Tegernsee after many years of working at Frankfurt airport. She operates very eloquent an multicultural experienced with our international customers and has expert knowledge in the field of cosmetics, as she has a profound qualification as chemist. Coming from “Hessen” in Germany she traditionally is a happy nature and completes our team perfectly with her charm and happiness. We are very glad to work with her!

Ilse Steidinger

Make-up Artist, Podiatrist, Cosmetician

Not only has she gifted hands for the decoration of interior rooms, she also puts – in line with current trends – every personality perfectly in scene. She is an expert in all areas of skin care and has long-time experience in her own beauty studio in Munich: her massages are legendary and her care tips are worth its weight in gold. Her treatments will let you shine and give you back a deeply cleaned skin – from head to foot!

Steffi Weindl

Chemist and Home-grown

She came and we didn’t let her go again: made herself indispensable even as apprentice and now after she has concluded her apprenticeship successfully, we can’t imagine our team without her. Knows the range and regular customers like the back of her hand and has a special liking for decorative cosmetics. She knows the latest trends and styles – therefore is the right contact for our younger customers.

Birgitte Laumer

Skin Care Specialist and Premium Reinforcement

Makes our team complete in peak periods and shows our high standards on service and customer orientation: Much more than only a help she is a real gain for us, she lives and loves her job with every fibre of her being in all its facets. She owns the Pharmos-Nature-Cosmetic Studio which speaks itself for her comprehensive expertise, but she also convinces with her extraordinary friendliness, which can’t be described – just experience it for yourself!

Gabriele Gatziouras

Display Designer and Master of her Profession

Her Mastership can not only be seen on her certificate, moreover it can be seen at a look on our shop: It’s the so fabulously clear arranged display, the perfectly set products and the wonderfully composed picture which makes our perfumery so special, even from the outside – many passers-by have such found the way to us spontaneously (not only we but also the customers have always been really glad about that afterwards)