Exquisite Fragrances

Fragrance and Pesonality. A Magical Combination.

Precious Essences, Elegant Compositions:
the secret world of scents – and your special place within.

Individual Fragrance Consulting with a holistic approach

Rarely anything has such an effect on us as scents have. All of us have experienced the sudden appearance of a rememberance linked with particular smells – and the smell of your beloved is evidentially of great significance. That’s the whole point: Although we do not consciously perceive it, every person has its own olfactoral signature. Expanding that signature to an authentic and harmonious whole in using the most suitable fragrance is one of our particular pleasures and challenges.

Impressing Variety of exclusive Fragrances

It is our declared aim to find the one perfume that fully corresponds with your essence – and in interaction with your natural scent it shall become a convincing expression of your personality. Accordingly this requires a large selection of different fragrances, and so it isn’t surprising, that many of our compositions are almost exklusively with us – including legendary creations of great masters as Geza Schön, Christian Plesch, Pierre Montale, Francis Kurkdjian oder Terry de Gunzburg.